ST Series

Explore IoT gateway devices to enable the data connectivity and integration with the physical word.

Sensor data collection with
ST-Series IoT gateways

We are experts in analog and digital sensor interfacing protocols like Modbus, Profinet, DLMS, Ethernet IP, 4-20 mA, RTD, I2C, DI, DOs etc. We also provide several variants to help data consumers pick the right wireless medium for data collection in order to ensure strong connectivity & low maintenance.

Key Aspects

Get everything that you need to digitize.

Global Sensor Compatibility

We are experts in interfacing with multiple sensors using protocols like Modbus RS 485, Ethernet IP, DLMS, Profinet etc.

Plug & Play

All ST-Series hardwares follow plug and play philosophy to smartly up-keep the system. Just connect, power up & get started.

Over the Air Update

Over the air firmware update for fast troubleshooting, configuration changes, version update etc.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from standard supply, we also provide IoT devices with long battery life or solar powered for areas where power supply provision is not possible.

Edge Computing

High end gateways with edge computing & high speed sensing capabilities to enable quick insights & smart automation.

Data Continuity

Precious data can be lost due to connectivity issues. And to mitigate that, our products come with in-built local storage facility.


Rugged, waterproof & flameproof enclosure design to minimize the failures due to environmental and accidental factors.

Installation Friendly

Based on the installation requirements, we offer several options like wall mounting, din rail, cable tie etc.

Bi-Directional & Secure

The hardware enables the capability to control the asset from cloud. All data transmission is securely done using SSL over MQTT.

Data Connectivity

Gateway variants to enable right network architecture

We have a separate hardware division to enable our clients with multiple wireless connectivity options in order to help them seamlessly collect the data with low maintenance.

Key Variants

ST-11: Modbus RS 485 to
4G-WiFi-Ethernet gateway

Standard Terminal ST-11 is a powerful IoT device best suited to collect data from energy meters, PLCs, water Meters, drives etc. via. Modbus RS 485. The data is further communicated to I/O Sense software platform using either of 4G, Wifi or Ethernet. The device is high speed, capable of over the air updates & edge computation.

ST-25 : DLMS to 4G gateway

ST-25 can collect the data from utility meters via optical port, RS 232, RS 485, or Micro USB. It supports DLMS which is widely accepted and common protocol for electric metering. The data is further transmitted to I/O Sense MDAS & theft detection software using wireless 4G. The gateway is ideal choice for energy retailers & generators to establish automated metering infrastructure. Currently, these gateways are being used by India’s largest energy retailer.