Enterprise Grid

I/O Sense enterprise grid is the ideal choice for oems, business partners & companies who are aiming for accelerated digital transformation.

Your ideal IoT Software Platform to drive digital transformation

I/O Sense is a multi problem solving IoT platform with gamut of scalable features & resources that are configured to meet your KPIs. It can be integrated with any system for data & service consolidation. The architecture of I/O sense helps it to evolve by incorporating more and more digital assets to reach the advanced operational KPIs.
Enterprise grid

Integration Friendly

Consolidate the data & services in silos into a single platform by integrating I/O Sense with any sensor, asset, database, OPC, ERP, service APIs etc.

Curated Feature Library

I/O Sense’s configurable features helps in solving multiple problems. It also saves buyers from expensive reinvention & managing multiple suppliers.


I/O Sense can serve as a reliable, secure & flexible canvas with configurable features, integrations & analytics to fast track development time.

Compute Module

Leverage our strong expertise in AI, ML & deep neural network to solve industry problems with data.

Drag & Drop Widgets

No need to code for creating every dashboard and analytics. User can simply create dashboards with a few clicks.

Industry Grade Security

The platform is highly secure with end-to-end encryption and other measures that matches latest and international standards.

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Right information, right place & right time

I/O Sense is a progressive web application that can be opened in phone, tablet or computer. Also, the application is scalable to incorporate more sensor data, alertive to drive proactive management, multi-tenant to drive ease of access and multi-hierarchical to dispense right information to right stakeholder at a right time.