Energy Optimization for Retail Stores

Reduced 20% bills for a well known fashion retail company.

Problem Statement

Client is a well known Indian branded fabric and fashion manufacturer & retailer. It produces suiting fabric, with a capacity of producing 31 million meters of wool and wool-blended fabrics. The group owns several famous apparel brands. The company wanted to investigate and manage the energy cost and saving potential for their retail stores. The client invited Faclon Labs to study their retail stores and provide a solution.

Solution Architecture

Initially, the solution was implemented at 2 Raymond stores in Andheri & Fort in Mumbai. Energy monitoring system & AC retrofits (smart & online Thermostats) were install at every ACs. The system was kept under observation for 3 months and it proved 15% average savings compared to previous bills. This led Raymond to a stable ROI and the implementation is being scaled to 30 stores in the first phase.

Case Studies

Key Value Addition

360-Degree Visibility | Accurate & Continuous Data | No Manual Reading
Near real-time visibility of energy, power quality, load, inside temperature, AC diagnostics of every store.

Energy Consumption Analysis
The retail team is now able view & compare the trends of energy consumption & energy intensity (Kwh per square foot) to understand the energy utilization and demand for every store. This helped them benchmark the performance and identify the waste.

Temperature Monitoring & Control
The online thermostat (AC retrofit) smartly manages the compressor cycles to bring about 15% to 25% savings. The user can view the temperature & set the minimum temperature of the ACs inside the retail stores from the software platform. This way the team was able to optimize the energy consumption keeping the comfort intact.

MIS Reports & Alerts
Tabular daily consumption reports are generated automatically & sent via email by I/O Sense to concerned operators & managers. SMS/Email alerts were sent when there was high energy consumption than predicted and there were proper resolution procedures being followed to bring down the consumption.