Ambient Monitoring


Remotely and centrally monitor and analyze the ambient
temperature, humidity, CO2, and intensity for critical areas such
as server rooms, commercial buildings, and electrical rooms.​

Ambient Monitoring using I/O Sense

Wireless Hardware

Monitor the temperature and humidity with our wireless and battery powered hardware solutions.

Loss Prevention

Important for preventing failures and losses in server rooms, cooling areas, cold storage, electrical panel rooms, etc.

Intelligent Alerts

Configure smart SMS & email alerts to proactively respond to temperature abnormalities.

Smart Visualization

Implement smart and centralized visualization of ambient data using Lens SCADA feature.

Automated Reports

Get daily automated reports in Excel and
PDF formats for all monitored locations.


Meet the audit compliance and customer satisfaction.

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges ambient data to provide enterprises with a comprehensive
solution for monitoring and managing temperature, humidity, CO2, and light
intensity in critical areas.​​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

Ambient Monitoring Package

  • Smart Node with Ambient temperature and humidity sensor
  • Wireless and Long Range LoRa based communication
  • Battery Powered
  • Plug and Play Setup
  • 4G enabled LoRa Receiver to send data to I/O Sense

Case Studies

Implemented wireless and battery
powered temperature monitoring
for India’s largest Airport
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Monitored temperature and
humidity for 120 locations for a
famous building in Delhi
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Implemented server room ambient
monitoring for 6 locations for an
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