Bus Bar Monitoring

Real-time Bus Bar Temperature Monitoring System uses smart and battery-powered wireless sensors to prevent electrical infrastructure shutdowns, fires, and expensive repairs caused by melting of bus bars
due to increased load, higher I^2R losses, wear, and tear. This eliminates the need for manual thermography and ensures continuous monitoring
of bus bar temperature to improve system reliability and safety.​ ​ 

Bus Bar Temperature Monitoring with
I/O Sense

Battery Powered Wireless Sensor

Smart battery based wireless sensor with
silicon strap. Tie it to your critical bus bar
location and start monitoring in real time.

Local Display and Alarm

Smart RF Receiver to provide you a local
display and alarm for higher temperature.

Intelligent SMS Alerts

Configure smart SMS & email alerts to proactively respond to higher temperature.

Loss Prevention

Reduce the risk of fire, shutdowns by
smartly maintaining the panel using bus
bar health data.

Smart Visualization

Monitor all the bus bars from a single
screen across your electrical SLD with
visual alerts using Lens SCADA widget.

Reduce Risk of Fire and Safety

Reduce the risk of fire and safety caused due to increase in bus bar temperature.

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges real-time bus bar temperature data from wireless sensors, providing
a comprehensive solution for preventing electrical infrastructure shutdowns, fires, and
costly repairs caused by increased load, wear and tear, and higher I2R losses.​


Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

Bus Bar Monitoring Package

  • Smart node to monitor surface temperature of Bus bar
  • Silicon Strap for mounting
  • Long Battery life
  • No calibration required
  • Panel mounted Receiver with local display and RS 485 output
  • Modbus IoT gateway to send data to I/O Sense

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