Energy Management


Reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprints through
improved data visibility, actionable insights, automation, data-
driven maintenance, and smart problem isolation. I/O Sense's Smart
Energy Management System (EMS) helps enterprises achieve ISO
50001 compliance.​

Generate powerful energy saving insights with I/O Sense

Equipment Consumption

Smartly monitor equipment current,
power, runtime and energy consumption
to identify saving opportunities.

Identify T&D Losses

Detect areas of energy loss in your electrical distribution network.​

Study Power Quality

Monitor your equipment's harmonics, voltage sags and swells, and waveform data to maintain and improve the asset life.

Optimize Energy Bill

Reduce penalties by receiving alerts for
power factor failure, load shedding, and
increased equipment consumption.​

Automate Manual Activities

Achieve smart of automation of manual
meter data collection, manual data
analysis and reporting.

Benchmark Specific Power

Benchmark consumption against production
levels, using formulas and drill-down analysis
across all levels.

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges energy and electrical data to provide enterprises with a
comprehensive solution for managing energy consumption, distribution, power quality,
faults, utilization, efficiency programs, maintenance schedules, and periodic diagnostics.​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

Modbus Gateways

  • Variants - ST-50, GT-10, ST-52 P, ST-54, ST-53
  • Digital Input - Modbus RS 485
  • Communication - 4G LTE / WiFi / Ethernet / 2G
  • Local Storage for Back up
  • Power Supply - 12V - 24V DC
  • Connects Multiple Slaves
  • FOTA

Case Studies

Connected 1000+ energy
meters for India’s largest
pulp and fiber plant.
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Saved 10% for one of the
largest agricultural
automobile company
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Implemented EMS for 18
locations for India’s
largest Oil & Gas PSU.
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