Golden Batch AI

AI-powered golden batch analysis solution enables detailed analysis of manufacturing efficiency, including raw materials, process settings, raw material consumption, throughput, OEE, and manpower utilization. By identifying deviations and providing actionable decision intelligence, our solution helps transform production capacity and reduce costs.

Implement AI for your Production Process
with I/O Sense and I/O DeepSense

Batch Analytics

Get an in-depth analysis of batch production, including time, OEE, speed, settings,
conditions, and production cost.

Cost Optimization

Leverage the power of DeepSense AI to detect and analyze deviations in the cost of raw materials, utilities, manpower, and rejections.​ 

Quality Control

AI-powered analytics to improve machine
utilization and quality, and reduce waste by
detecting faulty products with vision AI.

Improve Speed

Get insight on improving the speed of
output production leading to increased

Plan to Perfection

Automated recommendations for ideal
machine and operator for optimized

ERP Integration

Integrate with the OEE Suite and ERP to enable end-to-end streaming of production data.​

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges production data to enable efficient and data-driven solution with
AI-powered algorithms, enterprises can optimize their production processes, reduce cost,
and ensure product quality consistency.​

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