HVAC Automation

Maximize comfort cooling and save up to 10-20% on energy
consumption with our smart HVAC automation solutions, designed
to completely automate operations and optimize energy efficiency.​

Reduce your energy costs by up to 20% by leveraging
our I/O Sense-powered HVAC IoT solutions​

Chiller Plant Manager

Smartly automate the chillers, cooling tower, secondary and primary pumps to improve efficiency by 5-8%

AHU Automation

Automate the AHUs, CSU, TFA across your infrastructure to optimize usage of energy and chiller water

Standalone ACs Automation

Automate the duct able, cassette, Hi Wall, split ACs to eliminate the undesirable temperature and utilization

End To End

Our end-to-end HVAC automation
system for seamless automation

Expert Recommendations

Get expert reports and recommendations
on your HVAC operations to identify
additional areas for optimization​

Maintenance Insights

Get actionable maintenance insights to improve
asset efficiency and lifespan with our system
that offers monitoring, control, and more

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges HVAC parameters from thousands of nodes, providing a
comprehensive solution for optimizing HVAC asset monitoring, performance, automating
maintenance, and enhancing operational productivity.​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

HVAC IoT Package

  • Smart Controller for Chiller Plant Manager
  • Smart Controller for AHU Automation
  • IoT gateway device to connect controller with I/O Sense
  • Smart Controller for standalone ACs
  • FOTA
  • Wired and Wireless

Case Studies

Implemented wireless AHU automation for India’s Largest Airport
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Saved 10% of HVAC energy consumption for 3 sites of India’s larges FMCG
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Implemented chiller plant manager for India’s largest pharmaceutical company
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