Machine OEE

Smart OEE suite - an all-in-one solution to monitor machine-wise
and batch-wise OEE, analyze every job processed on the machines,
plan production, calculate job costs, and digitize log sheets and job
sheets. With this comprehensive system, you can optimize your
operations and increase productivity while reducing costs and errors.​

Maximize Machine Productivity with
I/O Sense and I/O DeepSense

OEE Dashboard

Monitor the availability, performance and
quality for overall, section, machine and
individual jobs.

Job Recommendation

Optimize shop floor performance by creating
jobs and utilizing AI to match the right machine
and operator​

Cost Function

Calculate the cost of raw material, rejection, utilities and manpower for every job to identify the losses.

Golden Batch

Identify the best batch produced and
compare with current running jobs to
optimize the losses.

Operator Report Card

Check the performance of the operator to implement data driven appraisal leading to improved productivity.

Time & Motion

Track downtime activities like no feed, electrical
failures, idle time, job setting, etc. to analyze
time and motion patterns.​

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converge the data from your machines to provide a smart OEE suite.
Identify losses, optimize performance, and implement data-driven appraisals to
increase machine productivity. ​​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

IPC Gateway

  • Variants depending on RAM and Storage requirements
  • Digital Input - Ethernet
  • Analog Inputs - 1x 4-20mA, 2x 0-24V
  • Connects Multiple Slaves
  • Communication - 4G LTE, TCP / MQTT
  • Local Storage for Backup
  • Operating Voltage - 12V - 24V DC
  • FOTA

Case Studies

Implemented state of the Art OEE
analysis for India’s top cable
manufacturing company
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Implemented smart OEE and
tracking and tracing for India’s
top conductor manufacturing.
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Implemented real-time process
monitoring for a top Oil
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