Predictive Maintenance

Monitor and analyze critical rotating equipment, such as motors,
gearboxes, blowers, and pumps, to reduce downtime, maintenance
costs, and production losses. Our system collects real-time data on 3
-axis vibration velocity, acceleration, FFT spectrum, wave form, temperature, and
noise, running smart algorithms to detect early signs like structural looseness, misalignment, bearing defects, imbalance, soft tooth, and
other types of failure.​ ​

Increase machine up-time with I/O Sense

FFT Spectrum

Collect FFT spectrum to identify early-stage faults like misalignment, structural looseness, and bearing defects in equipment.

Automated Diagnostics

Automated health assessment of vibration and spectrum data to detect failures in the early stages.​

Expert Recommendation

Get recommendation and reports from our vibration experts.

Real Time Monitoring

Eliminate the need for manual data
collection and analysis on every asset.​

Loss Prevention

Early detection of failures improves uptime,
reduces production losses, and lowers
maintenance and replacement costs.​

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Smart, rugged and tri-axial vibration sensor
providing temperature, velocity, acceleration,
and noise data.

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges real-time equipment data to provide enterprises with predictive
maintenance solutions for early identification of equipment failure, reducing downtime
and maintenance costs.

Smart Vibration Sensor

  • Velocity, Acceleration, Temperature and Noise
  • Mems based Tri Axial Sensor
  • Magnetic or Stud mount
  • FFT Spectrum and Waveform
  • In built WiFi
  • Local LED for status display
  • Operating Voltage - 12V - 24V DC
  • Covers all types of rotating assets

Case Studies

Improved up-time by 10% for
India’s Famous Agri product
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Helped a chemical manufacturer
stream line maintenance with
asset health insights
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Helped an FMCG company with
improved up-time by 24x7 health
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