Steam Trap Monitoring


Steam trap monitoring system provides real-time data collection and
algorithmic identification of issues such as flooding, choking, and
leaking. With battery-powered and RF-based hardware, it improves
sustainability and reduces the risk of water hammering, steam losses,
and employee safety concerns in power plants and process industries.​

Monitor health of Steam Traps in real-time using I/O Sense & I/O DeepSense

Battery, Wireless and Flameproof

Smart wireless hardware to monitor steam
traps without the need for cables for
communication and power supply.

Steam Trap Health Monitoring

I/O DeepSense algorithms to detect leaking, choking and flooding scenarios accurately.

Insulation and Trap Selection

Study the performance of traps and condensate loads to improve the selection of traps and insulation of steam network.

Return on Investment

Achieve ROI in a year. Enhance system
reliability and boiler efficiency, minimize
losses, and reduce water hammering

Smart Integration

Integrate with steam flow meters, pressure
and temperature sensors, and valves to
enhance DeepSense algorithms.

Safety and Sustainability

Optimize steam usage and safety, reduce fuel
consumption and CO2 emissions, and minimize
water hammering risk.

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges steam trap monitoring with real-time detection of
leaks, flooding, and choking for improved reliability, efficiency, safety, and
reduced emissions.​​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

Steam Trap Monitoring Package

  • Smart Node with surface temperature sensors
  • Wireless and Long Range LoRa based communication
  • Flame proof enclosure
  • Battery powered
  • Plug and Play Setup
  • 4G enabled LoRa Receiver to send data to I/O Sense

Case Studies

Detected steam trap failures for
India’s largest Oil and Gas
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Implemented health monitoring
for India’s top steel company
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Detected failures in heat ex
changers for India’s one of the
largest textile company
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