Vision AI

Leverage the power of Vision AI to drive intelligent decision-making based on anomalies detected in camera vision. Our solution can be
used in various scenarios, such as identifying faulty production output,
detecting theft, monitoring operator activities, and more.​

Enterprise Vision AI with I/O Deep

Smart Integration

Smartly integrate any camera stream to implement Vision AI models.

Activity Tracking

Track the number of people and their activities
to improve efficiency.​

Production Quality Control

Improve product quality and reduce wastage by controlling the quality of machine output.

Improved Safety

Monitor trespassing, system failures and anomalous activities.

Energy Analytics

Perform analytics on the edge to optimize
the cost of computing.


Integrate Vision AI to automate the process.​ ​

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges vision data to enable efficient and accurate analysis. With AI-
powered algorithms, enterprises can detect defects, improve quality control, optimize
production processes and reduce waste.​

Case Studies

Implemented Vision AI for
production output quality for
automobile company
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Implemented Covid screening for
large MNC
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Implemented people tracking and
thermal profiling for BMC for Covid
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