Water Management


Optimize your water operations with ease by connecting sensors and assets across your infrastructure.​

Digitize & smartly operate your water infrastructure with I/O Sense

Water Supply Analysis

Remotely monitor, analyze, get daily reports of the water flow, pressure, flow rate in different pipelines spread across the geography

Storage Management

Remotely monitor the level of tanks, reservoirs, dams, etc. to operate the pumps and maintain continuity of water supply

Intelligent Pumping

Centrally monitor and control pumping, analyze the efficiency and smartly automate the runtime of all the pumping stations

Dynamic Water Balance

Perform real time water balance to identify the areas of leakages, overflows and pilferages

Automated Metering

Automatically generate & e-mail the bills and consumption reports to consumers

WTP, ETP & STP Digitization

Digitize the water treatment plants to ensure optimized dosing & output quality

Welcome to the world of I/O Sense

I/O Sense converges water-related data to deliver a comprehensive solution for
managing water consumption, distribution, quality, maintenance schedules, and
periodic diagnostics.​

Hardware Products for Data Acquisition

Modbus Gateways

  • Variants - ST-50, GT-10, ST-52 P, ST-54, ST-53
  • Digital Input - Modbus RS 485
  • Communication - 4G LTE / WiFi / Ethernet / 2G
  • Local Storage for Back up
  • Power Supply - 12V - 24V DC
  • Connects Multiple Slaves
  • FOTA

Case Studies

Implemented water infrastructure digitization for remote village of Kerala
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Smartly automated pumping for India’s largest automobile company
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Implemented automated metering for township of India’s largest conglomerate
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