Temperature Monitoring System

Remotely & centrally monitor & analyse the temperature profile of ambient, human, assets, server rooms, machines, electrical equipments, cold storages.

Manage & analyze the temperature of your assets using I/O Sense

I/O Sense tracks & analyzes the temperature data of assets, people & ambient. We provide contact-based and contact-less IoT gateway solutions in different form factors & using different temperature sensors to cater to all the temperature ranges & application constraints. It sends the data wirelessly to the I/O Sense for real time monitoring, condition based alerting & reporting.

Ideal Solution Design

Explore multiple sensors, wireless data connectivity options, form factor, refresh rate to effectively meet your budget & requirement.

Multiple Applications

Ideal for temperature monitoring of server rooms (with humidity), cooling areas, pumps, bus bars, steam, machines etc.

Intelligent Alerts

Configure smart SMS & email alerts to proactively respond to temperature abnormalities.

Diagnostic Reports

Schedule statistical & custom MIS reports to meet your organisational requirements & perform day-to-day quick diagnostics.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage I/O Sense’s compute module to predict the asset failure from temperature data and other key variables.


Monitor real time temperature feeds of all the assets from a single dashboard with visual alerts.

Right information, right place & right time

I/O Sense is a progressive web application that can be opened in phone, tablet or computer. Also, the application is scalable to incorporate more sensor data, alertive to drive proactive management, multi-tenant to drive ease of access and multi-hierarchical to dispense the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.